How becoming a mother saved Ann Kansiime’s life

I was under so much pressure because I wanted a child. But it failed. I was devastated, I felt like a failure and there was no joke or motivation that can comfort you when you are told you are not pregnant especially when you really want that.

Ugandan comedianne Ann Kansiime has revealed that she can never take motherhood for granted for she feels it saved her life.

In one of her YouTube videos, Kansiime says she was shocked with everything that comes with motherhood.

“If you have not given birth to a child, you really do not know what motherhood is. I was shocked by everything, with breastfeeding. People would say it is a way of bonding with your child, no, I was shocked by the pain involved,” she says.

Ann Kansiime is a famous and celebrated Ugandan entertainer.

Kansiime who kept her pregnancy a secret says she did not want anyone to have opinions about the baby before it was born “Opinions had cost me so much,” says Kansiime.

Journey to Pregnancy

In her recount of her pregnancy journey, she revealed that her struggle with fertility issues started during her high school years. During that time, they would frequently conduct pregnancy checks, and she would experience significant discomfort during those examinations.

She reveals that she had miscarriages every time she got pregnant which later took a toll on her mental health.

“Miscarriages happen to everyone but when you get a miscarriage for a baby you want, whether you want it or not you start finding reasons why. I started counting the times I aborted. I started praying to God to give me a child,” says Kansiime.

Kansiime however notes that no one can pressure her into getting a second child because of the experience she had with the first pregnancy journey.

“Nobody can pressure me into anything now, I actually dare them. It is disrespectful and intrusive. I like that I had nothing to do with getting my child because if I had something to do with it, I am sure something would have gone wrong. I did IVF cycles and you know how they are not cheap. For sex, I became a robot just trying to conceive,” she opens up.

Kansiime says sex with her partner Skylanta left her feeling like a robot as the two tried to have a child naturally.

She adds, “So I tried IVF and I did not even want to put my partner under pressure for this. But I was under so much pressure because I wanted a child. But it failed. I was devastated, I felt like a failure. No joke or motivation can comfort you when you are told you are not pregnant especially when you want that,”

According to Kansiime, there is nothing that can be done if your time to get pregnant has not come.

Past relationship experience

She further reveals that her failure to conceive is not what made her leave her first marriage.

“I had the most amazing parents-in-law. It is not that it was a bad family, it is because I was working so much and I was not understood. So I was suffering because I wanted to have a child but also remain busy so we cannot fault Mr. Ojok,”

Motherhood experience

Kansiime and her partner Skylanta gave birth to a baby boy in April, a day after her birthday.

Kansiime and partner Skylanta are happy parents.

She says she went to the hospital on her birthday to give herself a birthday gift by just looking at the baby through the scan but the doctor told her it was possible to deliver the following day.

She says being a mother scraps off every title she has, adding that she is a full-time mother and her kind of work makes her flexible to balance her duties well.

“I work from home; I shoot all my content at home with my baby around. He is the brand ambassador of Pampers Uganda and Kenya. He is already part of my work.       

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