CABINET RESHUFFLE: Nandutu asks Museveni for forgiveness

Nandutu made the remarks while addressing journalists at Parliament following the cabinet reshuffle that so her dropped

Outgoing Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs Agnes Nandutu has asked President Museveni to forgive her for where she went wrong, while serving as Minister, but said that her ouster from Cabinet won’t stop her from supporting the NRM Party.

“Where I have gone wrong, I ask the President to forgive me. But as I move from the front bench to the back bench, I will still serve this Government diligently. I will serve the NRM government, I will serve my President in my capacity as the Woman MP for Bududa,”she said.

She added that, “As you know, we are many players in this field; it doesn’t mean that when you leave the field and go to the bench, you aren’t part of the team. I am part of the winning team, the NRM team and I will cheer for them from behind. I will serve in my capacity at the back bench and I am happy for that,” said Nandutu.

Nandutu made the remarks while addressing journalists at Parliament following cabinet reshuffle, that saw President Museveni drop Nandutu as Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs, which comes at the time the MP is facing charges of corruption in court over accusations that she stole iron sheets meant for vulnerable communities in Karamoja sub-region.

“I just want to thank the head of this country for the opportunity he gave me to serve at the highest level in Government as a Cabinet Minister. I am very grateful and I thank him for that opportunity. While many people in the country saw nothing in me, President Museveni saw something in me and appointed me, as one of the top 100 important persons in this country and I have done my best to serve this country. I would have served even better but because of the challenges that were there, I did a little but at least I left a mark where I was appointed,” added Nandutu.

Having served as a journalist for over 20 years, state minister for Karamoja Agnes Nandutu seems to have met her times of uncertainty and danger, after joining the field of politics in which she has served for only 2 years.

Born and raised in Bududa district, former Senior political reporter at NTV Uganda first lost in the NRM primaries, before winning the general elections in which she was declared the area Member of parliament.

After rejoicing for this win as Bududa Woman MP, Nandutu was later appointed state minister for Karamoja, which position has driven her into the iron sheets scandal were she was arrested, with a charge of dealing with suspect property contrary to section 21a(1) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2009, hence committed to High Court for trial.

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