Chinese Foreign Ministry Announces Countermeasures In Response To Nancy Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan

The U.S. attempt to obstruct China's complete reunification and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by playing the "Taiwan card" is doomed to fail, Chinese experts have said.

In disregard of China’s strong opposition and serious representations, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited China’s Taiwan region. Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday announced the following countermeasures in response:

1. Canceling China-U.S. Theater Commanders Talk.

2. Canceling China-U.S. Defense Policy Coordination Talks (DPCT).

3. Canceling China-U.S. Military Maritime Consultative Agreement (MMCA) meetings.

4. Suspending China-U.S. cooperation on the repatriation of illegal immigrants.

5. Suspending China-U.S. cooperation on legal assistance in criminal matters.

6. Suspending China-U.S. cooperation against transnational crimes.

7. Suspending China-U.S. counternarcotics cooperation.

8. Suspending China-U.S. talks on climate change.

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