Corrupt individuals are using institutions to silence critics, says former Deputy RCC Burora

While launching the group, he said people can't continue to die because of a lack of service delivery, while leaders are sharing what should be saving people.

Following the formation of the National Resistance Movement In Resistance (NRM-IR) a breakaway group from NRM by former Deputy Lubaga division RCC Anderson Burora, he has revealed that his group has been largely welcomed by different people around the country.

According to Burora, the NRM doesn’t tolerate corruption and his group will resist corrupt leaders, impunity, and abuse of office.

While launching the group, he said people can’t continue to die because of a lack of service delivery, while leaders are sharing what should be saving people.

He also revealed that the corrupt leaders are using Institutions to silence those speaking against them.

“Departments and officers meant to keep law and order are the ones being used to violate the same. Note. Not all officers are corrupt, for example, some have let me know what is being planned and gave me tips to avert. There are friends of ours who have been arrested, tortured, some have been traumatized, because of corruption,” he said.

Much as the former deputy RCC and his group are working to bring to light these crimes of corruption, he said they don’t want to see more crimes but need to sensitize everyone about the magnitude of fighting corruption.

He noted that corruption and the corrupt are bigger than systems, bigger than the will to consider Human Rights at the expense of their loot, and are bigger than anyone.

The Fact that Institutions mandated to fight corruption are silent according to Burora, he says it’s unfortunate that only foreign powers are now the ones fearful of such persons investing in their economies, especially at the time of his immeasurable outcry.

“Much as we shall put a widespread mechanism to report and maybe ensure you’re not squeezed in isolation; it should happen when you’re aware. Fighting corruption should be our joint effort despite our political ideologies. It has come to light that much as NRM as a Party gets tainted because its leaders are the ones involved, the effects are double-edged. In this, I wish to ask Ugandans that we collectively abuse the corrupt,” he added.

Burora refuted the claims that their work as NRM-IR is targeting the parliament. However, he noted that parliament is the center of accountability and it is mandated to monitor, appropriate, and ensure that citizens’ services are well presented.

“If Parliament is involved in the machinations and influence of centralized corruption, we need to deal with it first,” he said.

“I will elaborately soon release a video and audio to sensitize you more. It is not about being excited, but we need to understand corruption as I did and have tested its consequences, which have rather strengthened my resolve.”

Last month, Burora was suspended by the Secretary in the Office of President Hajji Yunus Kakande, to pave the way for investigations into his role in an alleged land wrangle.

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