Domestic Violence Gone Bad: Wife Beater Loses Own Life Out Of Fear Of Possible Death Of Collapsed Victim

The postportem confirmed how the man had died out of a sharp rise in his body pressure. The body was thus handed to the relatives and accordingly buried in Kalagi, Nakaseke.

By Isaac Mutema
Bizarre things don’t stop occurring this side of the globe. A Ugandan man, for instance, who set out to assault his wife ended up losing his own life in the process.
A leading vernacular Uganda newspaper, Bukedde, reported that it all started when a one Robert Musoke jetted in from Juba where he was engaging in the lucrative welding trade.
Musoke was hitting base to purposely beat up the wife! Musoke had got wind of rumours that his wife Prossy Nambooze was secretly seeing one of the village masons.
So, this is why the pissed off man hurriedly ended up leaving the work station in Juba to apparently beat cheating out of dear wife. Having jetted into the country, Musoke went straight to the home in Ndejje, Mirimu zone in Makindye Ssabagabo county.
Bukedde reports that Musoke upon hitting his home at 11 am in the morning of the previous Sunday rushed straight to the bedroom. Nambooze was still sleeping. The woman would be rudely woken up by a rain of laces.
But neither had the man had the courtesy of greeting the wife prior to flogging her nor sought to know from her how everything was going on at home. After receiving a fierce beating from Musoke, the woman managed to break free from the assailant.
She thus dashed off from inside to outside the house and shouted for neighbors’ rescue. Armed with his stick, Musoke dashed too from the house in hot pursuit of Nambooze itching to teach poor woman a crude lesson of her life.
The neighbors tried to help out but the woman didn’t take long to collapse out of the effects of the fierce beating. Fearing for her life the rescuers rushed Nambooze to a clinic in the locality.
Meantime, the local newspaper adds, the man returned to his house but out of fear that his love could possibly lose her life , the man handed UGX0.2m to the maid, Damalie Nabwire, to deposit with the clinic to do everything possible to save her life.
The more Musoke would go on reflecting on the repercussions of what he had done to the wife the more his own body pressure would also rise to fatal levels. Seeing that he was badly off, the man asked to be provided with remedial drugs. The maid responded positively.
Having taken the tablets, the man of the house decided to take a nap to rest his body hoping that the same would fix the bad body pressure. He didn’t wake up from the sleep. He died in his sleep. The wife had, meantime, recovered from the assault.
Nambooze left the home from the clinic only to find the husband himself in a disturbing health condition. Musoke was accordingly rushed to the local Janta clinic. He would be pronounced dead on arrival.
Suspecting Musoke to have taken an overdose of the drugs he had taken, the relatives escalated the matters to the country’s Mulago main referral. The postmortem confirmed how the man had died out of a sharp rise in his body pressure. The body was thus handed to the relatives and accordingly buried in Kalagi, Nakaseke.
Relatives told Bukedde newspaper that Musoke had arranged a family meeting to resolve the cheating issues he was having with the wife.  The man would, incidentally, die on the same day he had called the reconciliatory meeting between the wife and his family.
And this, after the convener of the reconciliatory meeting took into his own hands, the very matters he had sought to be settled amicably.

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