Museveni Address: The Doers Of The Harm Will Pay, Speaks On High Commodity Prices

President Museveni has assured Ugandans that if anyone does harm to them, “the doer of the harm will pay.” Museveni was on Wednesday evening giving his national address.

“Before this, we had had killings in Masaka, Wakiso, and by the ADF. I can assure you that whoever kills Ugandans will be held accountable. The ADF has paid a very heavy price, and we continue to hunt for them,” said Museveni in a televised address.

“We still have pigs that kill people. There was the killing of our LC3 in Kamwokya, the killing of a student, and killings in Karamoja.”

However, Museveni is confident that the security forces are more capable now than at any other time to cub down the culprits.

Mr. President blamed some of the consequences to the people who he says want to be like God “COVID-19; where did Corona come from? It came from people doing what they aren’t supposed to do.”

“We are managing COVID-19, and I hear the Ministry is now saying that in the whole world, since COVID-19 started two years ago, 561 million people have been affected. The death toll stands at 6.3 million.”

He revealed that the situation in Uganda has been controlled, “because you [Ugandans] listened to my technical team.” He said that as of today, the country has received 47 million doses of assorted vaccines. The vaccines include those bought by the government and those received as donations.

“The positivity rate has remained below 5%, meaning the country has averted the 4th wave,” he said. “Unfortunately, 5.9 million Ugandans have received only one dose, and 4.6 million people have not been vaccinated at all despite government efforts to bring the vaccine closer to the people.”

Museveni says 4.6 million Ugandans have not been vaccinated, and yet they should because they are above 18 years.

He says he has directed the Prime Minister to work out a schedule for Ministers to go and sensitize the people about the COVID-19 vaccines like “we did with the Parish Development Model.”

On high commodity prices, Museveni said, “When the war in Ukraine started, it just worsened. The price of other products like wheat and fertilizer that were coming from Russia and Ukraine have also gone up.”

“When we see the price of fuel going up, the reason is because of the fear that petroleum is going to be phased out in some years to come.”

“Do you know that there’s a difference between high prices for commodities and shortage of commodities. So, which of these is better?” he asked. According to him, what would be ideal is plenty and low prices, “but when you are in this situation, what do you do?”

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