Orthodox believers urged to use the suffering of Jesus on the cross to renew their faith

Crucifixion was the preferred Roman method of punishment and it was not sanctioned by the Jewish law.

The Orthodox Church set off at St. Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona joining the world to celebrate the Way of the Cross to commemorate the suffering of Jesus Christ.

The Archbishop of the Orthodox Church, His Eminence Metropolitan Leronymos Muzeeyi, urged believers to use the suffering of Jesus on the Cross to renew their faith and cleanse themselves so that Christ’s resurrection finds them pure.

At about 08:30 am on Friday, Metropolitan Leronymos Muzeeyi led the procession for the Way of the Cross with a purpose of sharing the suffering of Jesus Christ’ pain, who was crucified on the cross for sins celebrated under a joint Christian theme: ‘Stop discrimination, torture and hatred.

According to Muzeeyi their trekking which is similar to Jesus’ way to Calvary, started at Namungoona hill, seeing through suburbs of Kasubi, Nakulabye, Bukesa, Bakuli destining all the way to Old Kampala Playground the venue for the day’s main prayers.

Travelers were led by a siren traffic motorcycle and police officers who cleared the roads to avoid any disturbances by motorcade that would interfere with the day’s prayers.

Metropolitan Leronymos Muzeeyi accompanied by other Orthodox members kept on taking stop overs for intercession and reflection.

” I urge you believers to utilize the Way of the Cross to cleanse yourselves to receive Jesus’ resurrection free of sin, ” he said.

Muzeeyi elaborated why the Orthodox church was part of the Ecumenical Way of the Cross, yet they won’t celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on the same day.

Upon arrival at Old Kampala, the Secretary general Uganda Joint Christian Council Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Constantine Mbonabingi received him with joy and he later joined other members.

The walk that happened on Good Friday,brought together Anglicans, Catholics and Orthodox Christians, commemorating Christ’s passion and its connection with the sufferings of injustice experienced in the world today.

Crucifixion was the preferred Roman method of punishment and it was not sanctioned by the Jewish law.

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