Police report over 450 people involved in road accidents last week

Out of these, 77 people died and 399 sustained injuries during the accidents.

The traffic police directorate has revealed that 476 people were involved in road accidents during the past week from 25th February to 3rd March 2024. 

Out of these, 77 people died and 399 sustained injuries during the accidents.

Michael Kananura, the traffic police spokesperson explained that among the dead were 25 (34%) motorcyclists, 22 (30%) pedestrians, and 07(09%) passengers on motorcycles.

He noted that the major causes of these accidents were speeding and careless overtaking, saying that more operations are to be carried out.

“Operations on all errant drivers that drive shoulders, one way, overtaking carelessly are to be carried out as well as operations on speed enforcement. We continue with operations among boda bodas without crash helmets, reflective jackets, and driving permits,” he said.

Kananura advised motorists to take care of pedestrians since they don’t have many chances of surviving when hit by vehicles. 

“Many pedestrians are not used to traffic and many do not know how dangerous the road is.”

“Drive carefully and always slow down to 50km /hour where there are pedestrians, particularly in crowded town centers, markets, and near bus stops. Watch out for pedestrians stepping suddenly onto the road from behind parked or stopped vehicles,”

The Directorate of Traffic and road safety continues with road safety sensitization across the country targeting all road users to promote behavioral change.

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