President Museveni commends his son Gen Muhoozi for joining the army out of patriotism

The President noted that careerism, job seeking and searching for financial benefits in the army are some of the factors that create challenges in African forces.

President Yoweri Museveni has commended the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) General Muhoozi Kainerugaba for joining the army out of Patriotism, a principle that has enabled him to improve the welfare of soldiers.

“I want to thank Muhoozi because he listened to me when I advised him to join the army. He went to military academies like Sandhurst and others, but when he returned, he added value to the army because he was in the army for patriotism, not a career.

The President noted that careerism, job seeking and searching for financial benefits in the army are some of the factors that create challenges in African forces.

“Muhoozi was not looking for any of those he was looking for patriotism and excellence of the army,” he pointed out.

President Museveni made the remarks yesterday at the private birthday party for General Muhoozi who on the 24th of April 2024 turned 50 years old.

The ceremony that was held at State House Entebbe was hosted by the President, the First Lady, Mrs. Janet Museveni and the First family members.

Several congratulatory messages and greetings were also sent by his friends from abroad and one of them was from Muhoozi’s Platoon Commandant at Sandhurst military academy.

“Officer Cadet Kaine Museveni passed with flying colors, displayed courage and leadership while maintaining camaraderie,” the message read in part.

The President informed guests that wherever General Muhoozi was deployed a lot of improvements were realized.

“I want to thank him for his contribution in the army,” he said.

The President on behalf of Maama Janet Museveni glorified God for having a hand in all the challenges that he and his family faced while in exile.

“We are here to thank God for that it is through His will that we celebrate 50 years of Muhoozi when we are alive and also still active,” he said.

The President told his guests who included Gen. Muhoozi’s wife Charlotte and the family and the brotherhood of UPDF, the reason why families of freedom fighters were created while in exile.


He explained that he had earlier encouraged guests to listen to some of the traditional songs played at the function, saying the message in the lyrics is deeply rooted in the culture of wealth creation.

“The culture of idleness is not in our heritage. You must have wealth creation, you must have a family, you must have a wife and children, later on you add education and then religion but based on the foundation of wealth creation not just religion praying for miracles ” the President noted.

President Museveni at this juncture advised the youth in the country to pray and work hard adding that if you do God’s work, God will also do your work.

He recounted his experiences both in exile and during the peoples protracted liberation struggle that proved that despite all the challenges they went through, there was some supernatural intervention.

“Like this case, I had a family, but we had wealth here in Uganda. We were disconnected from that wealth; we were in exile in Tanzania, then Kenya, Sweden, and I was in the bush; God kept my family members alive and made sure they got an education and also protected my wealth in Rwakitura,” he said.

The First Lady, Maama Janet Museveni thanked God for His faithfulness.

“The President and myself thank God in a special way for His goodness to bring our first born to the age of 50 while we are here still alive and well as well as serving God’s purposes. It’s surely right to thank God for He is good, and His Mercy endures forever,” she said.

The First Lady further noted that Muhoozi grew physically and strong in character with dedication to serve his homeland because he loved and obeyed the Lord.

“At 50 years of age a husband of a beautiful wife, a father of four wonderful grown children and a Chief of Defense Forces of our Nation, I believe that blessings and a sense of direction still originate from his relationship with the Lord,” the First Lady said.

Mrs. Janet Museveni, out of her motherly love, gifted her son General Muhoozi and his family with 100 heads of cattle.

The Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) General Muhoozi thanked the almighty God for the gift of life.

He noted that birthdays are not just about getting older but they are about cherishing moments and memories shared as well as the people that have touched our lives.

The General thanked his parents, siblings, his wife Charlotte and the children for their unwavering love and support.

The Chief of Defense Forces, further in a special way, thanked the Generals, Officers and Men of the UPDF for their dedication to secure Uganda.

“I have been fortunate enough to have two families in life, one is my family and the second one is the UPDF,” he said.

Gen. Muhoozi’s wife Charlotte praised her husband for contributing significantly to the safety of Uganda and its people. She also praised him for professionalizing the army and improving the welfare of soldiers.

“It is true to say you leave an indelible footprint in whichever military office you occupy,’ she stated.

Mrs. Kainerugaba also thanked her husband for disproving many critics who always despise his work.

I thank numerous critics who make it their duty to hate and despise your work but who, in return, you make it a habit to disapprove,” she said.

Mr. Cedric Babu on behalf of friends of General Muhoozi Kainerugaba said as the Chief custodian of Peace in Uganda and having the passion and ability to act it’s his role to create progress not only for Uganda but for Africa as a whole.

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