Rainy season forces govt to postpone road works fixing

Following the damage caused by heavy rains to road and bridge infrastructure, Minister of Works and Transport Hon Edward Katumba Wamala has revealed that government will embark on the restoration once the rains subside.

According to Katumba, it is not possible to fix damages sections during the rainy season.

“While government is fully committed to addressing this pressing issue and ensuring connectivity and wellbeing of citizens, fixing damaged sections with the persistent rains is technically not viable,” he said in a statement dated November 21.

He advised the district leadership not to utilize the UGX 1 billion disbursed for road maintenance during the heavy rains as they risk having UT all washed away.

“The government and all its agencies are exploring short, medium and longterm strategies to enhance the resilience of our infrastructure against extreme weather events. Climate change poses  a growing threat to our communities and we are dedicated to implementing measures that will safeguard our infrastructure from future challenges,” said Katumba.

He also advised the public to exercise caution while using damaged sections and approaching flooded sections of the roads and bridges.

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