Residents In Buyende District Living In Fear As Crocodiles Continue To Attack Communities

The affected people are those who dwell in Nkondo Sub County where more cases of such attacks have been registered.

Residents living on the shores of Lake Kyoga in Buyende district are in fear following continued crocodile attacks. The most affected people are those who dwell in Nkondo Sub County where cases of such attacks have been registered, including lost lives.

The LC I chairperson of Nawaikiki village Moses Kyakulaga reported that the situation is becoming worse due to the mounting number of victims of the attacks.

Kyakulaga said most people in the area carry out their economic activities near the lake shore. Their land shares boundaries with the lake. This makes it inevitable for them to access the lake areas where the crocodiles are lodged.

This deplorable situation has nevertheless not only left women widows and bachelors but also amputated. The condition is immense calling for expeditious intervention by authorities of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

He cited that within a stretch of weeks in June, there have been three cases in which one of the residents died; days after, Ronald Kalimbya, 48, his hand was snatched by a croc leaving him wallowing in pain at Nkondo health centre III.

On Tuesday, Kalimbya in an interview at the facility where he is hospitalized said that he was attacked when he had gone to tend to his livestock. “I was busy with farm activities only to see a crocodile on my left leg. I hit it with a hand hoe to save myself.”

Michael Kanaku, the Buyende district LCV chairperson said that as authorities they are looking forward to petitioning the Uganda Wild Life Authority on how they can cub the challenge.

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