Speaker Among wants to uproot NRM cadres to plant her own, says former RCC Burora

The former Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Herbert Anderson Burora is bitter with how the speaker of parliament Anita Among is handling affairs of the august house, claiming that she is working to uproot NRM strongholds and Cadres to plant her own.

Burora traced this from a discussion about the Parliamentary System of Elections roving around, which happened after the 2021 general elections.

According to Burora, Among picked interest and started picking her own allies with those close to her being empowered to the brim, facilitated through endless trips and some, their mileages being revised accordingly.

“The essence of this was that; she raises her bargaining Power in Parliament. To ensure that this comes to life. NRM MPs who are not in her cohort, Madam Anita are Sponsoring Candidates against them. With the Idea that also secretly she can fund some opposition MPs to join her struggle,” he said.

He added, “However, also, to ensure her possible return as Speaker in case the elections status quo remains, she experienced how Kadaga was stopped. Madam Anita is trying to Make sure that she gets numbers both in Opposition, NRM, and Independents in that, in case NRM doesn’t support her candidature in 2026 as a speaker, she can go independent, since she has more sponsored MPs not loyal to either Parties with Majority MPs but to her.”

In the censure against State Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development Persis Princess Namuganza, Burora said Speaker Among was trying to prove this.

Though Mr. Museveni the president had met and asked the Speaker to stop, Burora noted that she went on with the move simply because she wanted to show the President that she was in charge of her Parliament.

“We are likely to get Independents in the 12th Parliament as the 2nd Majority force in Parliament sponsored by Anita, we are likely to get more members in all political parties who are loyal to Anita than their respective parties and their Leaders. Such a Catastrophe is injurious to democracy and can easily lead to the breakdown of Political Parties,” he explained.

“Evidently, we can now visibly attest to it that even with these massive ills, MPs are dumb and deaf. President Museveni unlike before, struggles to get anything done in Parliament even when his Party has the Majority,”

The former deputy RCC further highlighted that the speaker has gained more power than she likens her expenditure openly to that of the President, hence referring to herself not as a Speaker, but to number three in the Country.

He added that her entitlement has now increased to moving in armored vehicles, creating her own security choices, funding her own service delivery activities through Corporate social responsibility, and the like.

Burora confirmed that Anita’s quick quest for supreme power through intrigue, intimidation, break, and replace, is the worst form of political rise that informs how brutal she can be once she is at the helm of it all.

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