Why hiking at Mountain Rwenzori has been temporarily suspended 

In the interim, the authority encourages visitors to explore other picturesque peaks within Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has temporarily suspended hiking activities to Margherita Peak in Rwenzori Mountains National Park, this website has learnt.

This decision comes as a precautionary measure after a comprehensive assessment conducted by the authority, in response to reports of a crevasse formation in the Margherita glacier.

UWA Spokesperson Bashir Hangi revealed that inorder to make hiking safer, they are exploring the option of installing a permanent ladder at a strategic location on the right side of the Margherita glacier.

“This alternative route will provide a safer passage for hikers to Margherita Peak,” he added.

In the interim, the authority encourages visitors to explore other picturesque peaks within Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Notable among these alternatives include Mount Speke, Mount Baker, and Cheptegei Peak on the Stanley Range. 

Hangi explained that these routes offer breathtaking views and unique experiences amidst the stunning landscape of the park.

Making this decision, UWA prioritizes the safety and well-being of tourists in Uganda and is committed to ensuring that all Ugandans and foreign tourists safely enjoy their visit to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. 

Margherita Peak which stands at 5109m on Mount Stanley in the Rwenzori mountains, ranks 3rd highest in Africa and runs from the middle of Lake Albert towards the North, and Lake Edward to the south on the Congo-Uganda border.

This peak was first climbed by an excursion headed by Luigi Amedeo Abruzzi in 1906 the Duke of Abruzzi, J. Petigax, C. Ollier, as well as J. Brocherel. and was named after Queen Margherita of Italy.

The Margherita peak is the forerunner of the high-altitude Rwenzori loop that starts from the rich forests at the edge, before rising high beyond the clouds towards Margherita’s glacial summit.

Set beyond Africa’s immense ice layer, the hike continues up exceeding the Margherita Glacier, towards the rock scramble to Mount Stanley peak – Africa’s 3rd highest summit – in the Rwenzori ranges and hence the highest peak in Uganda.

The frequently used trail, that traverses via Elena Hut, is the same as the one that was used by pioneers long ago. Due to gradual ice melting over the past decades as a result of global warming, the glaciers in the Rwenzori mountains are rapidly recoiling, hence worth visiting.

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