789 census technical officers embark on a journey to train sub county supervisors

The one week training was aimed at equipping the UBOS Supervisors with skills, that will in turn be used to train the lower-level District/City staff, that will participate in the census enumeration.

Over 789 census technical officers from Local governments and cities ended their one week long training that was being conducted at Speke Resort Munyonyo, preparing them to further the census exercise knowledge to sub county supervisors who will then train others.

The one week training was aimed at equipping the UBOS Supervisors with skills, that will in turn be used to train the lower-level District/City staff, that will participate in the census enumeration.

Closing the one week training Director Rosette Nakavuma who represented the state minister for finance in charge of planning, thanked the participants for actively taking part in the training.

She noted that as government whatever financial challenges that may try to slow the process of the exercise, will be worked on to make sure the census is effectively carried out.

“I have heard that there a numebr of requests and we have noted them. Incase of any other please raise them so that we make sure all are handled. As you have heard fellow board members from various areas, are going to handle some of other issues. Please also raise them so that they are handled timely.” She noted.

For the record, Nakavuma stressed that the census taking, is going to be a very national program that has always been instrumental over the years in shaping the path of our country.

She added that government is aware that census findings are indeed instrumental in the production of the national development plans, for the successful improvement of vision 2040.

Addressing the participants on the closure of the training, the National Census Commissioner and Chief Statistician Dr. Chris Mukiza who also doubles as the UBOS executive director, expressed his confidence that the 789 trainees will cascade the training down to Sub county supervisors who will then train others.

Mukiza noted that the presence of representatives from UPDF, Uganda Police Force, Uganda Prison Services, Office of the Prime Minister, Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Local Governments, Cities and Municipalities, shows that the exercise will be effectively executed.

“The participants have been trained on the concepts, definitions and the use for tablets. And we are confident that the knowledge impacted on them, given the evaluation that has been conducted, is sufficient for them to go and train at the district level. Each district will have four trainers. 3 from the district supported by one from the UBOS headquarters,” he added.

The ED further explained that the training of trainers for census enumeration supervisors and enumerators will later on start next week.

Regarding the gudgets he revealed that 120,000 tablets for the upcoming digital census exercise are already in country and nessecary software will be uploaded on them soon.

Despite the district representatives being concerned about the meager resources allocated to their respective districts to conduct a smooth census, Dr. Mukiza said there’s no need to worry as they are trying to work within the budget allocations.

Meanwhile the UBOS Board chairperson, Dr. Albert Byamugisha mentioned that, “the training was essential in equipping all participants with technical knowledge on the use of digital CAPI, and also introducing them to the Census tools and questionnaires to ensure that enumeration runs smoothly”

On the side of security the Deputy director Internal Security Organization (ISO) Col Emmy Katabaazi, gave assurance that they have dedicated Security vehicles and motor cycles to be used for during the Census exercise.

This is across all districts in Uganda, given the importance of the Census, and to waive car hire expenses.

He has asked all the DISO’s a d GISO’s to cooperate with the census officials during the exercise.

The training held in Munyonyo Kampala attracted 789 participants from across the country who were trained on how the digital census exercise will be conducted.

These participants included officials from Police, the Army, Universities among other public entities.

With just few weeks to the census night, 2 percent of the villages in the country are yet to be listed.

These villages are mainly in Karamoja, West Nile regions and Kikuube district where 50 villages cannot be traced.





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