Arra Fishing Lodge: An exclusive romantic and life rejuvenating getaway

While Uganda as they say is gifted by nature, this comes with many options for a romantic getaway, however, among them, Arra does stand up tall.

By Michael Kanaabi Dollar

Romance is a beautiful part of everyday life, so are relationships, marriage, family plus all the beautiful and ugly things that come with venturing into this adventurous, very fulfilling and at times very agonizing space.

Well sometimes that beautiful romance gets stuck somewhere and that once glowing marriage turns into a drag which needs a new environment, a new serene location to give it some room to rest, rejuvenate and ultimately thrive again.

Where can that be?

While Uganda as they say is gifted by nature, this comes with many options for a romantic getaway, however, among them, Arra does stand up tall.

Arra Fishing Lodge located in the heart of West Nile in Madi Land offers something unique you will not find in many places across this beautiful country.

Its scenery alone is enough to begin wiping off that stress and baggage that monotony and all the related issues like poor communication and the other burdens of life have brought to your romance.

The beautiful rocks that line up the drive into Arra give your mind a fresh dimension to life away from the usual high rise buildings, bills, noise, potholes and traffic jam that define your everyday life in Kampala.

The birds singing and the beautiful monkeys swinging in the trees with in the nature trails at Arra Fishing Lodge will remind you of the beauty there is in life and just their happiness will rub off on you and make you want to bring back the same vibe to your struggling relationship or shaky marriage.

Beyond that, the peace and tranquility at Arra Fishing Lodge will give your heart, body, mind and soul a lot of organic refreshment and a chance to focus on the deeper things by creating that environment where two lovers can have the deepest of conversations, most personal of confessions and work at fixing the most sensitive of issues.

Catch up with the fun

If you love to add some outdoor adventure to your romance, just 10 kilometres away from Arra you will at the Otze or Otce Mountain and forest. This place is great for hiking, birding, biking, nature and community walks and some off road driving for those that love it.

Zoka Forest and East Madi Wildlife reserve is further adrift some 50 kilometres from Arra Fishing Lodge. A visit there will bring you face to face with a tropical forest that is 1000 plus years old. It boasts some largely untampered eco systems with buffaloes, water bergs, impalas and elephants among other attractions.

Dufile Animal sanctuary which boasts a number of animals too and joins into Nimule Park and the breath taking Fulla Falls at the border with South Sudan is also 30 minutes away from Arra by boat.

And to make your stay even more memorable in this place one can be taken to Nimule National Park if they have an East African Visa or Passport by boat or road via Elegu border which is just an hour’s drive from Arra Fishing Lodge.

Enter Marine tourism

With a beautiful shoreline touching one of the lagoons of the Albert Nile, one can easily take a boat cruise from Arra Fishing Lodge and enjoy the vast navigable waters of the Albert Nile.

It’s many beautiful lagoons surrounded by scenic hills and a number of islands all good for sport fishing, tubing, viewing of hippos and primates on the islands and tracking birds like the pre historic shoebill stork while also engaging in some enriching community tourism.

Amenities at Arra

Besides the well-stocked bar and restaurant that serves both local and international dishes, beverages, carbonated drinks plus some luxury wines and spirits, Arra Fishing Lodge boasts a beautiful swimming pool and jacuzzi for one to relax besides the gym for those who want to break a sweat.

The beautiful cottages at Arra Fishing Lodge are a sight to behold, furnished with wonderfully crafted furniture with a touch of exquisite African art, a night or more in these well-lit, well kempt cottages located in the midst of beautiful trees and untampered natural vegetation is something that will add life to one’s stay here.

Getting to Arra Fishing Lodge

From Kampala by road Arra Fishing Lodge in Adjumani district is about 7 hours away with some beautiful stop overs for you in Gulu city, The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary among others.

Alternatively one can take a flight from Kajjansi airfield, Entebbe direct to Adjumani airstrip then a 15 minutes’ drive to Arra.

For the adventurous ones you can fly from Entebbe or Kajjansi to Pakuba in the Northern side of Murchison falls National Park then connect to Arra Fishing village either by boat through Pakwach or by road through Gulu city to Adjumani then Arra.

For more information you can reach out to them through their website or @ArraLodges on Facebook, Twitter(X) and Instagram.

Email: WhatsApp: +256701133509

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