Democratic Party MPs Distance Themselves From Museveni – Mao Deal

"None of us was informed about what was going on. When we saw this on social media yesterday evening, we tried to call Mao but he wasn't picking up."

Members of Parliament (MP) belonging to Democratic Party (DP) have distanced themselves from the actions of their party president Norbert Mao who yesterday signed a working agreement with the ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The heartbroken MPs who looked visibly bitter while addressing a press conference Thursday afternoon said those were actions of Mao as a person and not representative of the DP as a party.

Bukoto Central MP Eng. Richard Sebamala said: “It is very disheartening. It is a very unfortunate moment. Some of us are having sleepless nights, and some of us are practically sick because we cannot imagine what Norbert Mao did.”

Eng. Sebamala revealed that Mao never informed him about the deal with Museveni. “None of us was informed about what was going on. When we saw this on social media yesterday evening, we tried to call Mao but he wasn’t picking up.”

Sebamala is however optimistic that the party will remain strong because they have gone through stronger waves. “We have gone through stronger waves and we survived. These waves were just an eye opener that Democratic Party will stay.”

The MPs have also stopped remitting money to the party because it doesn’t have a president and secretary general after the two commenced corroboration with NRM and Museveni.

Mityana County South MP Richard Lumu said: We have also agreed as MPs that we are cutting out monthly contributions to the party until the National Executive Committee sits to align this problem we are going through.”

On his part, Michael Lulume Bayigga (Buyikwe South) told the press conference that they have no problem with Mao and wished him well because as a justice minister they will need him and he qualifies for the minister job.

““We want to send off Mao in peace so that he can enjoy his office, his money and being a minister but we will not join the Museveni government. We want to tell our supporters and voters that we are green and white. We are DP and we remain so. Only Mao has joined the yellow color, Bayiga said.

“I strongly disagree that someone can cross to a dictatorship that you been fighting and continue to be your president. We don’t want him to eat on our behalf, let him eat on his behalf,”

“But while at it, let him have mercy and leave our party intact. Let’s pick it from where he has left it. DP has helped Mao to rise to where he is. DP has helped him touch money; sometimes in the right ways, sometimes not,” Bayiga added.

After joining NRM, Mao has been appointed as Justice & Constitutional Affairs minister.

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