Egypt retrieves smuggled ancient statue from Switzerland

  In September, Egypt recovered 16 artifacts from the United States and two pieces from Belgium.

Egypt recovered on Tuesday an ancient Egyptian statue smuggled to Switzerland, as part of its continuous efforts to retrieve thousands of overseas pieces deemed in illegal possession.

“A bronze statue of the goddess Isis carrying Horus the Child was received by Egypt’s ambassador to Swiss Confederation Wael Gad,” the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The piece dates back to the Late Period (664 B.C.-332 B.C.) of ancient Egypt.

“Egypt attaches utmost importance to recovering smuggled Egyptian antiquities and returning them to the homeland,” the statement added.

The ministry announced in June that a handful of ancient Egypt artifacts in Switzerland were about to arrive home, including a stone Sphinx statue, and a stone panel with ancient inscriptions, adding the batch had already been handed over to the embassy in 2021.


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