Four murder suspects beaten, burned beyond recognition

The two deceased were identified as Junior Masiga and Semujju Abdallah, while the other two are yet to be identified.

The Territorial Police in Mukono are actively investigating three disturbing cases of Murder and Malicious Damage to Property.

In one of the incidents, police reported that four individuals were subjected to brutal violence by members of the Kakoola community, where they were mercilessly beaten and burned beyond recognition.

The two deceased were identified as Junior Masiga and Semujju Abdallah, while the other two are yet to be identified.

ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy public relations officer Kampala Metropolitan Police, said inquiries revealed that this act of barbarity stemmed from an earlier incident of Murder in Kakola village, Katogo Parish.

He said in the initial incident, on the 11th day of April 2024, two Boda Boda riders fell victim to a heinous attack, resulting in their untimely deaths.

“Their motorcycles, with registration numbers UFF955G and UFX 119V respectively, belonging to Sande Ssemanda and Mawanda Richard, were stolen by the assailants, who callously dumped their bodies in a nearby swamp,” he noted.

Upon this, it came to light that one resident, Senyondo John, who is currently in custody at Mukono CPS, identified the alleged attackers that fateful night.

However, Owoyesigyire noted that instead of alerting the authorities, the community took matters into their own hands. They located the suspects identified above, beat them up, and burnt them beyond recognition.

He added that, “They later suspected others to be involved in the murders of the riders, whom they arrested, brought to the burial grounds of one of the deceased riders, and executed them before setting their bodies ablaze.”

The Mukono Police, in collaboration with other security agencies, swiftly responded to the horrific act of Mob justice and Malicious Damage to Property of another resident who was also suspected.

As a result, 29 individuals have been apprehended by police to assist in the ongoing investigations.

Concurrently, Owoyesigyire further revealed that an intensive probe is underway to uncover any additional suspects involved in the initial murder of the two riders and the two separate cases of mob justice and Malicious Damage.

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