Gov’t committing heinous crimes against citizens to scare them won’t work – Mugisha Muntu

Fear is driving the thin-skinned in the regime to commit heinous crimes against the populace hoping to scare those opposed to them. It never works.

The former Army Commander of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), and founder of the opposition political party Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Gregory Mugisha Muntu, has advised the government to wake up and stop scaring citizens with targeted oppression because it never works.

“The recklessness of the security unit conducting such operations is pushing the country deeper & deeper into a dark tunnel,” Muntu said in a tweet replying to a Daily Monitor news report announcing the death of Suleiman Jakana Nadduli, Al Hajji Nadduli’s son.

He added: “Fear is driving the thin-skinned in the regime to commit heinous crimes against the populace hoping to scare those opposed to them. It never works. Wake up,”

Mugisha Muntu fell out with the regime and joined Dr Kizza Besigye in Forum for Democratic Change in the struggle to remove the ruling government. They have since not been successful but they remain in the fight to cause regime change.

He also fell out with Besigye and FDC to lead a splinter group that formed ANT Alliance for National Transformation. As a candidate standing on the ANT ticket, Muntu stood for the presidency in the 2021 general elections.

Many political leaders in the opposition have cagily reacted to the death of Jakana.

The leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Bobi Wine revealed in his interaction with Jakana, the deceased intimated to him that the motor accident that almost claimed his life and left him bedridden was staged.

“In March this year, he was involved in an accident that almost took his life. According to him, the people who knocked him were deliberately targeting his life,” Bobi Wine said.

“A few days ago, Jakana was abducted and spent several days under incommunicado detention. He told us that he was severely tortured in detention. Later he was produced before a court in Luwero and remanded to Butuntumula prison where he spent several weeks,” he added.

Bobi Wine noted that Jakana ‘joins very many critical Ugandans who have died under very unclear circumstances. “Upon release from prison on bail, he resumed his work and has been actively speaking out against dictatorship and misrule,”

Former president of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye, said the way Jakana was treated by the regime was unfair to Al Hajji Abdul Nadduli.

Besigye and Nadduli were part of the five-year guerrilla war that brought President Yoweri Museveni-led’s regime to power.

“Abdul Naduli is somebody that I have known for a long time right from the bush war days and he is a good man so it is very sad that his son was treated the way he was because of nothing else except his political views,” Besigye told NTV Uganda in an interview Monday morning.

“Jakana Nadduli’s death cannot be separated from his immediate past treatment. It has to be related to the torture he went through,” Besigye added.

And commenting on the matter on Facebook, Besigye in a post carrying Jakana’s pictures said people kidnapping, illegally detaining, torturing and killing Ugandans must be made to answer for their heinous crimes.

He lamented that people in the regime ‘must know that the long arm of justice will catch up with them – soon or later!’ Any “suspect” must be lawfully managed, he said.

Jakana contested for the Nakaseke Central MP seat and controversially lost setting him on a collision path with the regime.

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