Grant Thornton: global tax, audit and advisory services firm plots to introduce free-skills development academy in Uganda

Anil Patel, the Uganda firm's branch boss, says the academy is going to be one of the numerous charity services the firm is engaged in with the view of giving back to the country.

By Stephen Kasozi Muwambi

Uganda’s branch of the global Grant Thornton, a tax audit and advisory services firm, is plotting to introduce a fully-fledged free-skills-development academy in Uganda.

The noble and most welcome idea comes against the backdrop of widespread and untold unemployment triggered by theoretical courses currently offered by the country’s higher institutions of learning.

This prestigious firm based in the United Kingdom has over the years been assisting to arrange internship placements for students at Uganda’s higher institutions of learning.

But now, overwhelmed by the ever-swelling numbers of students contacting them for purposes of being offered the invaluable skills development services lacking in Uganda, Grant Thornton is determined to credibly establish a fully-fledged and free academy to offer those critical services.

Anil Patel, the Uganda firm’s branch boss, says the academy is going to be one of the numerous charity services the firm is engaged in with the view of giving back to the country.  This is in recognition of what they have managed to achieve after investing in Uganda and for Ugandan’s generous hospitality towards them.

“We are going to set up that academy,” Anil revealed in an interview at his office located along Lugogo Bypass in Kampala. He told how preparations are in high gear to actualize this worthwhile project.

“It is no longer a question of if but a question of when that dream is going to be realized on our part,” affirms Anil with a tinge of confidence in his voice.

Grant Thornton carries out numerous CSR activities in Uganda including blood donation.

After the completion of the academy, adverts will be put out in the media to alert those being targeted and to inform them about the full program.

The program, according to Anil, is tentatively being planned to last for between four to twelve weeks and certificates would be offered after the students are offered the relevant skills.

Anil points out that those who will get a chance to be handled by the Academy will stand a high chance to get employment.

“Those who have been placed with us for skills development everywhere we are operating from across the globe, they have been finding it easier to secure and keep employment for themselves,” Anil assures.

That academy is going to be housed within the same building where Grant Thornton offices are situated along Lugogo Bypass.

Among other Corporate Social Responsibilities, Anil divulges how they have been able to help to set two classroom blocks for a secondary school in Namulonge near Gayaza in Wakiso district.

“We are still in a partnership with that school and we can only state that the sky is going to be the limit as long as that arrangement between us continues to exist,” he said.

Anil adds that his firm is also working with the Kampala City Council Authorities to beautify and mitigate the causes of climate change by engaging in the planting of trees and in reforestation for the general good of the city dwellers and those who earn a living from there.

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