How change in technology is increasing agricultural productivity

William Nge'no, Country Manager, Yara Kenya & Uganda, emphasized the company's commitment to empowering stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem with innovative agricultural solutions.

While celebrating the role of agro dealers in Eastern Uganda last week, Yara East Africa, the Champions of Sustainable Agri-Business with Yara Connect, highlighted that technological change is one of the key driving forces behind increasing agricultural productivity and fostering agriculture development in all OECD countries.


According to the organization, agriculture is becoming more integrated into the agri-food chain and the global market, with growing impacts from environmental, food safety, quality, and animal welfare regulations.


This is in line with Yara’s Global ambition to grow a nature positive food future. The agri sector is now confronted with new challenges, including meeting the rising demands for food, international competitivenes and producing high-quality agricultural products.


William Nge’no, Country Manager, Yara Kenya & Uganda, emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem with innovative agricultural solutions.


He added that through Yara’s connected platforms, farmers gain access to cutting-edge information, high-quality inputs, customized services, and sustainable markets. This empowerment drives higher yields, better quality produce, and efficient use of resources and knowledge systems.


“We celebrate with our partners and clients who have entrusted us over the years, and we remain confident in the transformative impact we can achieve collaboratively within Uganda’s agricultural sector,” Nge’no stated.


“At Yara, our social impact initiatives position us as a catalyst for digital inclusion and empowerment in farming. Our aim is to facilitate economic opportunities for women and youth in agriculture, accelerate growth for Micro, Small, and Medium businesses within our communities, and continue contributing to food security.”


Sarah Nafuna, the Proprietor of Home of Farmers, one of the distributors and winners of the goodies, expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Yara, for fulfilling your promises. When I heard about the initiative on the platform, I had my doubts, but I’m elated to be among the winners. You’ve eased our transportation as we deliver products to rural farmers. We also appreciate the knowledge sharing, enabling us to guide farmers in utilizing your products effectively.”


Yara East Africa remains committed to its global mission of responsibly feeding the world and protecting the planet. The company’s focus on sustainable agriculture and digital solutions reaffirms its dedication to creating a resilient and prosperous agricultural future for Eastern Uganda and beyond.


The event drew participation from over 100 attendees, with distinguished retailers recognized for their invaluable contributions to the industry, walking away with prizes including motorbikes, phones, and other exciting goodies.

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