I am not leaving NUP, Mpuuga responds to party leadership

Nyendo-Mukungwe MP Mathias Mpuuga who also doubles as commissioner of parliament representing the National Unity Platform (NUP), has vowed not to leave the party saying that despite being hounded with insults from the public, nothing has moved him to kill or destroy a Party he founded with his colleagues.

While addressing journalists on March 26, 2024, Mpuuga also admitted to having seen the letter from his Party, rescinding his earlier nomination as a member of the Parliamentary Commission.

“I won’t respond to the letter because I will never be corrupt or recruited into corruption as I’m being accused,” saying those accusing him of corruption are seeking short-term political capital.

He noted that questions and speculations have been on as to whether, where, and when he is going, however, he responded by saying, “I am a founder of National Unity Platform as you are aware, I didn’t join NUP but I was part of the founding blocks of NUP where I serve as a Deputy President in charge of Buganda. I am also here to reaffirm that I am not leaving NUP, a Party I founded with colleagues consciously and I am not here to do anything to destroy or kill it. At least, I am not invited to do so at this moment, at least, nobody has moved me to the level of even thinking about deserting a Party I founded,”

Mpuuga also declined to respond to that letter that was recalling him as parliamentary commissioner, highlighting that save to restate his position as communicated earlier to the Party and nation, he still confesses to no wrong whether in law or elementary commonsense.

“The position of the law has been clarified to whoever wishes to understand but not to deliberately slander me or gain short-term political capital out of the current situation. So, I do state my position, it is the position of the law and common sense. I wish to reassure all comrades in the struggle for a fair Uganda that my commitment has never waned and I will not and shall never be part of any form of corruption. I have never been indicted of corruption, I am never corrupt and nobody will invite me into corruption,” he added.

Mpuuga criticized the top leadership at NUP for the way the matter was handled, arguing that whenever the Party members find themselves disagreeable on anything in their midst, there must be mechanisms put in place for mature resolutions.

“Ugandans must be encouraged and I am here to invite Ugandans to question the decision of their leaders especially those in higher offices that make decisions on their behalf and acting on their behalf. In the current circumstances, it isn’t difficult to tell that the objective was never on accountability, because no one provides accountability on social media or at press conferences,”

He added, “The previous days have cast much doubt within the Ugandan populace and our partners beyond our borders of whether our Party is capable of handling tasks of liberation and effective solutions to the political and social challenges of our country. We must regain public confidence as NUP and as the Opposition, trust and demonstrate that we are worthy of the people’s support in leading the charge for change and transformation of the Ugandan masses are yearning for.”

On March 16, 2024, NUP executive resolved to drop Mpuuga and replace him with Francis Zaake as Commissioner of Parliament.

The decision to kick Mpuuga out of the Commission came a few hours after the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among blocked debate about claims of corruption and abuse of office at Parliament. Among said she will not run the August House on rumours.

It is not clear whether her administration will let Mpuuga out of the Parliamentary Commission based on a recommendation by the NUP Executive Committee to allow Francis Zaake to resume the position.

Mpuuga, who was in December 2023 dropped as the leader of the opposition is accused of having taken 500 million shillings as a “Service Award” from the Parliamentary Commission.

The Robert Kyagulanyi-led National Executive Committee however claimed that Mpuuga who is currently serving as one of the Parliamentary Commissioners was bribed by Anita Among.

The “service award” was allegedly part of the 1.7 billion shillings that was irregularly allocated to Parliamentary Commissioners who included three back-bench MPS from the ruling NRM Party. Each of the three Commissioners from the NRM reportedly received 400 million shillings.

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