Museveni blasts educated people who don’t share knowledge with the uneducated

Museveni further lashed out at people who go into leadership when they don't have an ideological campus.

President Museveni has criticized the educated people who don’t share their knowledge with the uneducated.

“Even now I have a problem with someone calling himself educated but when he is useless. If you are educated, why can’t you interpret for your mother who is not educated something that is logical which she is not aware of,” he wondered.

President Museveni, who is on a tour on investment and wealth creation in West Nile under the theme: “Securing your future through wealth creation and shared prosperity”, made the revelation today while meeting West Nile journalists at State Lodge, Arua.

He explained that if the educated share their knowledge with the uneducated, the latter would be able to know the disadvantages of bush burning and what they should do to forego nomadism.

“These people were now able to see that what they call hay in Europe is actually dry grass in the dry season here. The grass is already planted by God. You don’t have to plant it. The only thing to do is to stop bush burning, then the grass will stay, it’s a bit dry, yes, but the cows can eat it if they go out at night, it’s soft. And when the rain comes it germinates again. So, you don’t have to move from place to place because of the dry season,” the President advised.

“It is just the leaders who are useless, there should be no bush burning. If you go to Ankole there’s no bush burning,” he added.

Gen. Museveni further lashed out at people who go into leadership when they don’t have an ideological campus. He said it was dangerous not only to the electorates but also to the ideologically bankrupt leaders themselves.

“You will make a lot of mistakes and end up badly,” Mr. Museveni cautioned.

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