Museveni to officially open Hamz Stadium Nakivubo

In terms of cost, Kiggundu estimates that it will have cost him close to 200 Million Dollars at the time of completion (740 Billion Ugx).

By Michael Kanaabi Dollar

His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni is set to officially open the newly built Hamz Stadium Nakivubo formerly called Nakivubo war memorial stadium later this week on the 9th of December after over 5 years of serious construction works to bring the stadium back to life undertaken by City Business Mogul Hamis Kiggundu and his team.

What’s special about Hamz Stadium?

Forget the dilapidated state Nakivubo stadium was in before Ham got the go ahead and blessing from His Excellency the President to take over the place and redevelop it something that didn’t go down well with the people who were making a living from the mess that this location was.

Business Mogul Hamis Kiggundu the developer of the stadium in one of the aisles of the newly built facility

But finally against many odds, amidst a lot of criticism and tough economic times that have pushed every one including the developer himself into a corner at times, Hamis Kiggundu has put his best foot forward and delivered the project as he promised Ugandans.

The stadium has been built with ample parking, equipped with modern gyms, training facilities for sportsmen and women, offices, a health facility that provides required first aid and basic medical attention before evacuation, a modern basketball court, netball court, a boxing ring, first class sitting areas for VVIP, Executive boxes, VIP and ordinary sitting, hostels for players and delegates in residence plus a standard size football pitch approved by a team from the Confederation of African Football which visited the site not so long ago.

Part of the fully equipped modern world class gym at the stadium

What has it taken to complete this stadium?

5 years plus of endless effort, strategic planning and managing a team of hundreds of construction workers have gone into making this dream of Hamz Stadium Nakivubo a reality and before parting himself on the shoulder for a job well done, Kiggundu says “I want to thank President Museveni who gave me his political blessing to go ahead with this project and would love to assure him, I have duly completed the stadium and it’s ready for use by our sportsmen and women plus for any other public events as I promised.”

Kiggundu is also grateful to the First Lady Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni the Line Minister for Education and Sports who he says has visited the facility before during it’s construction and given her approval too.

The Basketball Court of the newly built stadium

He also thanked the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Anita Among and FUFA President Hon. Engineer Moses Magogo for their efforts in ensuring Uganda is named co-host of AFCON 2027 with some of the games slated to be hosted at Hamz Stadium Nakivubo.

Beyond that, Kiggundu says the stadium was built by an entirely Ugandan team starting with the Engineers, foremen, masons and even the builders themselves all of whom he is very thankful for the work they put besides reminding us that this should serve as an example that Ugandans can do good work when given a chance.

A view of the football pitch of the newly built Hamz Stadium Nakivubo

In terms of cost, Kiggundu estimates that it will have cost him close to 200 Million Dollars at the time of completion (740 Billion Ugx).

Going forward the youthful Business Mogul says like he wrote in his book ‘Success Based on Reason and Reality’ he decided to stop talking, put his mind and effort to work and has as a result been able to deliver this project something he urges fellow youth and all Ugandans to do.

“These things can be done if we put our minds and effort to work and indulge in less negative talk and criticism especially when fellow Ugandans step up to do large projects for the common good” he concluded.


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