NRM To Opposition: You Are Still Crying For Mao, We Are Soon Picking Another Big Fish From You

Since whoever dumps the opposition for NRM ends up being rewarded with a big office, it won't surprise anyone if another big wig from the ranks of the opposition joins Mao at the dining table.

By Isaac Mutema

The ruling NRM party is on the verge of raiding the Opposition for another big fish after Norbert Mao, we can exclusively share.

NRM’s chairman, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, recently breached the opposition fishing waters and even safely returned to the shores with the fishing gear loaded with DP’s president, Norbert Mao.

Before the Opposition can get over the shock of losing Mao, alas, Museveni’s party is now plotting another raid on their waters for yet another big fish.

What the NRM is up to currently feeds well into Museveni’s burning desire to deplete the Opposition by the year 2026 or before then.

While the president hasn’t expressed his wish to hold power beyond 2026, his return to the polls won’t be surprising to those who have been following him.

Each time he has been asked over many years now about leaving power, Museveni has responded by alluding to the voters and his party who, he argues, are the ones who have continuously backed him to stay at the apex of the country.

“Am not looking for a job, it’s Ugandans who are keeping me in power. If they finally tell me to leave, I will go to Rwakitura and look after my cows,” Museveni has continuously defended himself.

But his schemes which ended with the Constitution tinkered with for him to continue standing for power would contrast sharply with Museveni’s foregoing assertions.

NRM’s Spokesperson, Rogers Mulindwa, is upbeat that nothing is going to stop them from grabbing another big fish from the Opposition.

“Let the Opposition stop crying for Mao and save tears to shed for another big convert who we are soon picking from them,” Mulindwa boasts.

Mulindwa doesn’t disclose the names of the opposition big wig his party is talking with currently. Nor does he disclose the particular political that the NRM party is currently targeting.

“I bet an arm plus a leg if my word doesn’t come to pass. Watch the political space. Feel free to reach me for a reward in case my word doesn’t materialize,” the NRM PR confidently asserts.

For crossing from DP to the NRM, Museveni has since rewarded Mao with the Justice and constitutional affairs cabinet docket.

Since whoever dumps the opposition for NRM ends up being rewarded with a big office, it won’t surprise anyone if another big wig from the ranks of the opposition joins Mao at the dining table.

Mao has gone on record to reveal how he and Museveni had for two years been painstakingly negotiating the ultimate cooperation pact.

Museveni stated after securing Mao’s hand in cooperation, how he has for many years been jealously watching the convert’s leadership qualities and wit.

The intriguing bit of Museveni and Mao’s pact is that the latter is going to remain at the helm of DP at the same time he is serving the ruling party.

More intriguing is that much as Mao insists that he is a popular DP president, the pact enjoins the ruling NRM party to assist him to stay as the leader of DP where he claims to be a popular leader and at the same time he is serving in the government.

Interestingly, Mao after insisting on staying at the helm of DP, he goes ahead and cut a deal with Museveni to uproot the grassroots structures of DP from Buganda region and then replace them with those of NRM.

Remembering that Buganda is the stronghold of DP, one can now easily tell what Mao and Museveni are up to.

But remembering that Bobi Wine and NUP displaced Museveni and his party from Buganda for the very first time under his rule, one can now easily figure out what Mao and Museveni seeks to achieve.

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