Prof. Okwakol warns inspectors against helping schools register students

Uganda National Examination Board has also expressed worry that bad weather will affect the upcoming national examinations for primary and secondary schools.

The Chairperson of the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB), Professor Mary Okwakol, has reminded Local Government officials that the registration of candidates must be done by heads of centres because they know candidates more than anyone.

Okwakol, who was speaking at the annual seminar for district/city and municipal inspectors of schools, said that the role of inspectors should be strictly supervisory and administrative.

She said where IT skills are deficient; they should plan to build capacity.

Okwakol noted that efforts to curb examination malpractice have generally been successful except for cases of external assistance given in the examination rooms.

“These occur at the operational level for which you, inspectors, are in charge. I would like to implore participants at this seminar to devote a lot of time laying strategies on how to stamp out these remnant examination malpractices in our system,” she explained.

She confirmed that registration across all centres is already done, highlighting that regulations require each centre to register its candidates by forwarding information through the UNEB registration portal.

“We have, however, had many incidences where schools have been denied the chance to do that. Some of the officers in the Local Governments choose to do this work on behalf of the schools but because they do not know the candidates the exercise is not done well,” she noted.

On behalf of UNEB, Okwakol extended her appreciation to the government of Uganda for the financial support extended during the various processes of planning and conducting these examinations.

She urged the Inspectors to ensure that heads of examination centres adequately prepare for, and provide a conducive environment for the candidates.

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