Traffic Police ask road users to be vigilant ahead of schools’ reopening

Traffic police have once again advised drivers who drive long journeys not to make return journeys.

Traffic Police spokesperson Faridah Nampiima has advised road users to plan their journeys earlier as school children will be reporting back to school, and likely to cause traffic jam.

Nampiima said the season of schools opening is usually characterized by the increased movement of people and the volume of traffic on the roads.

She highlighted that as people are moving to shop back to school requirements, others heading to school, it’s so common that people will be moving at the same time and same direction.

“All road users should expect traffic jam on the roads, so we advise all road users on the roads to start their journeys earlier and avoid reckless driving since most of you will be moving at the same time.

So, to avoid inconveniences, all PSV drivers are reminded to respect road signages, to have discipline while using the road, avoid reckless driving, and all passengers are reminded to always wear their seatbelts,” she noted.

Nampiima clarified that during this same season, traffic police are to hold on to spot checkpoints of vehicles because they tend to carry excess, and rush on the road hence this needs to be done to ensure safe arrivals of travellers onboard.

She added that PSV operators should not load excess in their vehicles and avoid rushing students together with loading rails with cargo exceeding their height.

“You tend to load those taxis as if you are loading lorries. It’s dangerous loading and the ticket is Shs200, 000. Those vehicles were made not to carry goods.

Their tires don’t carry the load you put on them. So, mind when you’re taking children back to school and avoid loading the taxis. All those going to use public means should board from gazetted areas,” she added.


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