Why Besigye Is Guilty of Gifting Betty Kamya To Museveni

Kamya one time in the past helped a lot to get Besigye nominated as a presidential candidate in a race he had been tacitly locked from. Besigye had been arrested and charged with treason.

By Isaac Mutema

The current Inspectorate of Government (IG) Betty Namisango Kamya Turomwe traces her roots to the Ugandan opposition circles. Kamya cut her political teeth in the Reform Agenda before helping to start Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Her troubles regarding growing FDC to what it is today are well documented to deserve belabouring. It will hence suffice to mention just one of Kamya’s outstanding feats concerning her contribution to FDC and, in particular, its founder president, Dr Kizza Besigye.

Kamya one time in the past helped a lot to get Besigye nominated as a presidential candidate in a race he had been tacitly locked from. Besigye had been arrested and charged with treason. Following that arrest, Besigye was locked away in Luzira prison.

The judiciary had been adamant to release Besigye on bail. The country’s Attorney General (AG) had written a legal opinion himself to nail Besigye’s right to bail.

The AG, Prof Khidu Makubuya submitted that Besigye being a treason suspect, wasn’t suitable to run for the respectable presidential office.

Now, with him locked away, there was no way Besigye was going to appear at the electoral commission and get nominated as a candidate.

Besigye had expressed his wish to compete for power with the sitting president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Amidst that impasse, Kamya would pull off a first. She outsmarted the clueless prison authorities and accessed Besigye.

Besigye signed the nomination forms which the clever woman now presented at the electoral commission. Just like that, Kamya ended up undoing the impasse and registering the prisoner for running for state power.

Later after that, Kamya one day elected to stand for some big post within the FDC party. She was hoping to be supported by Besigye since she had scratched his back previously.

Accordingly, Kamya was assured of Besigye’s total support to secure her dream.  I repeat, she had also assisted Besigye to run against the president when the regime and the judiciary had conspired to block him from doing so.

Alas, Besigye’s heart was somewhere else. He overlooked Kamya and backed Ingrid Turinawe for the FDC big job. Ingrid sailing on Besigye’s support unsurprisingly ended up tipping Kamya to her dream job.

To Kamya, what Besigye did to her was a betrayal of the highest order. She felt offended and had a sense of having been used and undercut by Besigye.

Besigye consoled Betty with the job of a special envoy in his then FDC presidential office. Kamya took the consolation job, albeit, begrudgingly.

The seeds of discontent had been sowed by Besigye. They would germinate later on to the detriment of Besigye and FDC.

Not so long, rumours started ringing out about how Kamya and Museveni were seeing each other in privacy. That Kamya would hide under hijab and tiptoe to State House at the night to link up with the big man for talks and escorts.

Betty vigorously denied the rumour. But there can never be smoke without fire, the wise men opined. Those wise men included Besigye.

They had known about the ongoing romance, so they shared. This is why, they stated, Kamya was ejected from the FDC bedroom and placed on the verandah of the party.

If the romance was on, then Kamya’s relegation to the verandahs assisted Kaguta to accelerate the courtship. After suffering a good number of cold nights at the verandah, Kamya decided at long last to end her marriage with Besigye.

She left cursing Besigye as the best example of the worst of worst dictators that have ever glanced at planet Earth. Tellingly, Kamya was now praising Museveni as the best devil in contrast to Besigye.

She was accusing Besigye of being the worst dictator since he was ring-fencing elective posts at FDC for her relatives and cronies. Even then, Kamya didn’t go straight away to the home of Museveni. Rather, she formed a party known as Federal Alliance.

But she formed the foregoing party merely to confuse everyone about what was already going on between her and Museveni. Truth be told, Federal Alliance was only a fence to hide what was going on between Kamya and Museveni.

In truth, Museveni and Kamya had conspired to let the latter stay on with the Opposition for some time whilst continuing with her spy job.

To cut the long story short, Kamya and Museveni finally broke the ice. They are now the best suitors. What cannot be denied is the fact that Besigye helped Kamya finally find an excuse for dumping the Opposition for the ruling party.

I mean, the best excuse a man can give a cheating wife to go ahead and formalize the cheating, is to lock her outside the house.

Besigye locked Kamya outside the bedroom. He invited Ingrid to the bedroom. Kamya out of anger and jealousy went ahead and formalized her romance with Museveni.

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