FDC asks Ugandans to demand their right to security

The party has called on Ugandans to demand their right to security because with them coming out the situation is bound to worsen.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has called on Ugandans to come out and demand their right to security. The political party has said this should be done by talking about and spreading information on the increasing insecurity through social media.

While addressing the media at their Najjanankumbi office on Monday, the Deputy Spokesperson of FDC, John Kikonyogo, cited the death by shooting which has been occurring recently. He expressed disappointment with the police for rushing to give information before making preliminary investigations on the incidents.

The country for last one to two weeks has experienced murders by shooting most of which are committed by security personnel from the army and police bringing about panic in members of the public about their security,” he said.

The leadership of FDC has attributed the murder of the state minister Charles Engola and the Indian money lender to the poor welfare of the army and police.

Kikonyogo urged members of the public to put a keen eye on people who carry guns and also doctors who use injections on people. He emphasized that Private Sabitti who killed Engola had both anger and malice.

The FDC has also questioned the information from police about the weapons used to murder Jajja Ichuli which was contradicting and the mental state of Afande Wabwire who murdered the Indian money lender.

Police have however clarified the information issued regarding the shooting saying that an initial medical test conducted indicated that 30-year-old Wabwire who on Friday shot an Indian money lender has a sound mind.

Updating the country on the status of investigations on Monday, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said after the arrest of Wabwire from Busia as he tried to cross to neighbouring Kenya, he was subjected to a medical test by their surgeon whose results came out negative.

“At the time of arrest, he was in good shape and sound. We have so far examined him and found that he is very normal and sound,” Enanga told journalists.

Wabwire on Friday shot dead Uttam Bhandari, the proprietor and manager of TFS Financial Services at Raja Chambers along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala over shs2, 130,000 he owed the money lender.

The party has called on Ugandans to demand their right to security because with them coming out the situation is bound to worsen.

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