UBOS: No payment needed for census field worker recruitment

The Bureau said that anybody who asks for money from any shortlisted candidate, should be reported to the nearest police station for investigations.

As the E-recruitment process for census enumeration supervisors and enumerators goes on country wide, Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has clarified that no one is required to pay any money during this process.

The Bureau said that anybody who asks for money from any shortlisted candidate, should be reported to the nearest police station for investigations.

Saying this the executive director Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) Dr. Chris Mukiza, while addressing journalists in Munyonyo stressed that there are conmen who are calling the applicants to pay One Hundred Thousand shillings (UGX100,000/=), in order to participate in the interview processes.

According to the ED UBOS the Bureau has recently been receiving country wide complaints from applicants who have not been shortlisted.

He cited some of the complaints where individuals alleged that, “those with qualifications have been excluded and those without genuine qualifications are being shortlisted. There is a fake online advert making rounds on social media about Census recruitment (https://adhoc.ugcensus.infogov.sit/)”

Highlighting some of the directives to clarify on the matter, Dr. Mukiza revealed that the display of shortlisted candidates is to continue until Friday 12th April 2024.

He noted that the objective of displaying the shortlist is to ensure that those who were erroneously shortlisted are reported for administrative review.

In addition, he added that, “all those with issues regarding recruitment should lodge in their complaints with evidence of having applied, to be reviewed by the recruitment team at the district who are working closely with UBOS Human Resource team.”

Having closed the census recruitment portal on 22nd March 2024, Dr. Mukiza explained that there is no more solicitation of applicants, for enumeration supervisors and enumerators.

Meanwhile, Ivan Atwiine the head of digital solutions at UBOS, informed the media that the same portal that was being used to receive recruitments, is now ready to be used to receive complaints from all those that are not certified with the process.

He added that, “the same way people applied for these jobs, is the same way they are going to put in the complaints. What we have done is adding a complaint button on the application. So, if you have already applied, when you log in you can view the status of your application. So, at the part of the status, you can select the job and then lodge in the complaint,”

The ED Dr. Mukiza stressed that the Bureau is an all equal opportunity employer, and hence assured the general public of the utmost transparency in the recruitment processes being undertaken.

Currently, listing of villages now stands at 97.9%, leaving 2.1% of the villages to be completed, with district planners now remaining with 3 days out of the one-week ultimatum that was given to them.

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